Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year!!
I hope you all had a great night whatever you did and have made your new years resolutions! ;)

Yesterday i did have to work from 9am until 3.30pm but it wasn't too busy so it was great! I also got my hair done in my lunch hour so i didn't have to spend ages getting ready when i got home! I had it cut and curled! I only had about 2 inches off but it just feels so much healthier! And it's still very long! This was the end result right after it was done...

Unfortunately because my hair is so long, it weighs the curls down and they fall out immediately even with tonnes of hairspray! I did have to curl a few bits again when i got home but by the end of the night there was just a bit of wave left in it! I didn't dress up too much because i knew the other girls that were going were just wearing casual attire and flats. I wore casual attire but i did wear a small heel, i live in my black boots! This was my outfit i went for... leggings were leather so it was a little more 'dressed up' for new years eve. I put my new bright pink lipstick on half way through the night and looking at the photos, i love it with a brighter lip!

and the Mr...

We had to pick Warren's sister and her new(ish) boyfriend up (who we hadn't met before) first and then we headed to The Sun for a few drinks and to meet everyone. We started the night by playing a drinking game 'Ring of fire' which got everyone in party mode! We then moved on to shots and Warren decided he wanted to try and do a Jager train! I took a video and it actually looks pretty good!!

We then moved onto the club for the disco and fireworks! It was such a good night with all of our friends!

Me and Polly.

Vinnell, Alastair (Staci's boyfriend) and me.

Me and hubby <3

Throwing some shapes!

and some more!

 This was meant to be a nice photo... haha!!

Here's a little video of our fireworks too! :)

We stayed at Bucklands because we can walk home and that saves us dough rather than getting a taxi! Although Warren got a little bit TOO 'merry' and ended up falling over on the way home! He really hurt his foot and it was quite swollen!

Sorry for a picture of feet but look at the swelling! His right foot if you can't tell...

 He hasn't been able to walk on it today either and i've had to drive his car home! If it's not better tomorrow i think a trip to A&E might be needed!

All in all everyone had a good night though and it was nice to meet Alastair! Today we just chilled at Karen's house and had a nice yummy roast!! One of my New years resolution is to eat healthier and try and fit more exercise in, so tomorrow marks the start! The other is to start saving money so we can hopefully go to the big apple this year!! What's your new years resolutions?



  1. My new years resoltions are to be a better person all around. Be the best mom and wife I can be. Continue on with my workout schedule and healthy eating, and also try to clean up my eating just a bit over the weekends!

  2. Your hair is super gorgeous, I wish mine was that long - I'll probably need another year before I reach that length! :) You looked lovely! <3


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