Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First day detox!

It didn't go quite to plan today! I didn't eat that badly but i didn't get a work out in or a healthy food shop. I had the doctors straight after work and they were running late so i didn't get in until around half 7. I then had to cook and do the chores! The kitchen was a bit of a mess!
I'm not going to document what i eat everyday but to start with i will so i can keep myself in check! And also help anyone else that is thinking of 'detoxing'!


Fat free greek yogurt, handful of mixed berries, sprinkling of oats, drizzle of agave nectar.

Morning snack;

2 sqs of the darkest chocolate.


was Tesco Moroccan chicken couscous salad. I forgot to snap a picture but i did the ingredients. Not the 'cleanest' thing to eat but better than what i normally have! Also, it was delicious!

Afternoon snack;

4 dried apricots.


1 skinless chicken piece, 1/2 salmon fishcake, steamed veg and basmati rice.

I was going to get some salmon fillets and brown rice but i didn't have time as the traffic was so bad and i had to get to the doctors! This was second best and it had to do.

I managed to drink 1 cup of water and lemon this morning, then 1.5 litres throughout the day and a couple green teas.

I think i've done all right except the exercise, but tomorrow i finish work at 5 and can come straight home so i will do a workout then! I haven't felt to hungry either which is a plus!

How are your new years resolutions going?

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