Sunday, 19 February 2012

Muffin fail + cardio intervals tabata styleeeee!!

I had this weekend off, so we made plans to see my parents and some friends! I got up on Saturday morning to clean the house and get a workout in before my parents arrived at 11. I grabbed some breakfast (toast with banana + pb) and then got to work searching YouTube for an exciting and challenging workout! 

I wanted some cardio and I wanted it to be quick as I had to get ready for our day out! I've been subscribed to Sarah's YouTube for a while but always overlooked her videos (I have no idea why!). When I found some cardio interval style workouts, I watched through so I could choose which one to do! I decided on this one for my morning sweat on!

To help make it easier to follow, i wrote it down so i didn't have to keep pausing and moving the video!

Cardio Intervals Tabata Style!
Time using the beach fitness tabata clock!

Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Hover jacks for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Burpees for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Get down, get ups for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Squat press (with 1.5kg dumbells) for 30 seconds,
Rest for 10 seconds,
Squat pulse for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Donkey kick (left leg) for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Donkey kick (right leg) for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Side plank twist (left side) for 30 seconds,
Rest 10 seconds,
Side plank twist (right side) for 30 seconds,
Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat x 3-4 times!

I repeated this 4 times, so 5 times in total, but i will be honest, my 5th was a complete fail poor attempt! I was tiiiiiiiiiired! This definately did what i wanted, it got my heart rate up, i got my sweat on, i felt the burn annnnd i was done in around 30 minutes, result!

Today, i can really feel it in my back, triceps, shoulders and my thighs! I love it :)

We went to some friends last night for a night in with some good food and drink! It was a good night and i can't wait to move back closer so we can hang out more!
We got up this morning and had a lazy morning with lots of bacon sandwiches and tea, then headed home!
I already had some baking on the agenda for today and was excited to make Katie's banana bread protein muffins! 

I got some new protein powder on Friday that was on offer! It was £14.99 down to £8.49! It was too hard to resist a offer like that ;)

I'm not even sure if i'd heard of this one before, but the offer together with the 'rated 5 stars by bodyfit' was a no brainer, i had to try it! I got to work this afternoon on making my muffins, i followed the recipe to a 'T' except i used 0% fage greek yogurt instead of chobani because i'm in the UK!

As you can see, they did not go to plan! I tweeted this picture, saying they looked more like yorkshire puddings than muffins! FAIL! I'm really not sure what went wrong.. i did notice the mixture was very runny when i was spooning it into the muffin tray, but i wasn't sure how it was supposed to be! Or maybe my oven was too high? Who knows!

The texture wasn't too bad inside, almost a bread/doughnut texture. They were a little dry but would be 'nice' when warm with a smear of nut butter. I think these are a work in progress for me and i might attempt them again when i know what to change!

I have Thursday off this week and i plan to spend all day baking, so be ready for more!

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