Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas festivities!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I love the lead up to christmas and made sure to capture the moments for the blog :)

On christmas eve i was lucky enough to have the day off! We had a lye-in and then hubby cooked a nice fry up for us!

We still had a few last minute things to get for people so we got ready and then headed to the shops! It was surprisingly quiet so we were done pretty quickly! We came home and started wrapping everything whilst listening to Michael Buble's christmas album, bliss! Once everything was wrapped we headed down to The Sun, what used to be our local pub and where all of our friends/family still go! This was all our presents for our families once they were wrapped!

I got really christmasy after wrapping and when we got to the pub i was so excited! We met with my family first for a few drinks and then with all our friends! I must say i can't remember a lot from that evening as i did get quite drunk! Woops! I also gave my camera to a friend to look after and she went home with it, i still dont have it back so i dont have many pictures after chistmas day!

Christmas morning we woke up at a friends we'd stayed at and then went to my mums for about 8am! I have 3 younger brothers and my Nan and Grandad were also there to see us open our mountain of  presents!

We take it in turns to open a present each so that we can all see what each other got! I does take a while but then its not over in 2 minutes :) 

Here's a few snaps of our christmas morning that dad took!
First of all, dad wanted to take some photos of us 'kids' all together! 

L to R; Sophie, my brothers girlfriend, Brad, my 18yr old brother, Harley, my 13yr old brother, Brodie, my 11yr old brother, then Me and Warren!

Warren pretending to be santa! 

Us both opening some presents!

My little brother, Harley!

My youngest brother, Brodie!

My dad got some golf lessons which he loved!

Me trying on some lovely jewellery i got!

Warren and his liverpool plaque!

Me trying on my blazer that my brother and his girlfriend got for me! I love it!

After opening all our presents at my parents, we headed to Warren's mums where his sister also was for our christmas lunch! We also opened our presents from them too. I have no photos from there as i wasn't feeling my best! We left there about 4pm and then went to Warren's Dad's and Janine's house for the evening! We were also staying there the night so Warren could drink! It was a nice evening, nothing too crazy and lovely to chill with the family! Ren was also there which is one of Warren's close friends, he doesn't get on with his family, so Warren's dad had him over for christmas day, we call him our adopted brother!

I don't have many pictures from the night either but i do have these 3 that are funny!

Ren's sexy christmas pose!

Warren's blow up dreadlocks!

Merlin the christmas dog!!

On boxing day we got up, got ready and headed back over to Warren's mums! We went to the races (horses) it was my first time but i did have a good day! I won on my first race but that was it!

Me and Warren at the races!

Me and Karen, Warren's mum at the races!
After the races and a few drinks with friends at the pub, we again headed back over to Warren's dad's where we were staying and they had a bit of a party! Today we've finally come home and are just chilling out! We're going to the pub later back down in our home town because a friends having a leaving do! Other than that i hope it will be a fairly sensible/early night! 

Hope you all had an amazing christmas and had lots of fun!!
If you want to see more on what i got for christmas, click here!!

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  1. Love all the pictures documenting the holiday!! Happy 2012 to you :)


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