Monday, 23 January 2012

Weekend wrap up & exciting news!

Such a long time since i posted! This week has been a bit of a fail in terms of blogging and exercise. I kind of lost my way a little bit this week and have only really done 1 proper workout! I've just felt so tired this week and when i start a workout, i get so tired quickly and give up! But this week is a new week... Zumba tomorrow! I'm also getting a lot of inspiration from the tone it up girls! I LOVE them and their workouts and they look amazing! :)

On the other front, some good news is my hours at work are changing! On 6th Feb, no-one will be doing 9-8! It will hopefully be either 9-5 or 11-8! much better, i can get some exercise in either before or after work! The only thing is i will lose money because i'll lose about 20 hours a month! :( I guess i just have to deal with that...!

Some more exciting news is that we have decided we want to buy a house together! We started just looking it up and seeing what we had to do but we both got hooked and are now determined to hopefully have our house the end of this year/beginning of next! 

We've already started saving and we went to the company we are interested in yesterday just to find out more about it. We had a look at one of the houses and they're gorgeous! It's a 3 bed so it will set us up for when we want some babies! It's also back down in Somerset near all of our parents and friends! That would mean i'd have to get a new job but hopefully i'll find something good and not too far away! It's soo exciting! We just have a year of hard saving up now..!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent with each of our parents and we had 2 roast dinners, woops! I didn't do any exercise just chilled out all weekend and it was lovely! :) I also have next weekend off too, Saturday night we have a party to go too! I really wanted to buy a new dress but i think i'm going to save the money and wear something i already own! 

I'm sure i'll post a photo on Instagram, i'm hooked on it! Here's some photos i've shared lately...

My Instagram is @kerrymarie3 if you want to follow me!

Have you ever bought a house? What was your first house like? 

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