Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Healthy oat snack bars!

I'm always buying some kind of oat bar to snack on and i hate myself for doing so for many reasons, mainly, 

1. they're not even that healthy when shop bought, they're loaded with sugar,
2. they're expensive to buy but i buy them anyway.

I always find recipes for some kind of oat bar, i print them off vowing to make them one day, but in reality i shove them in a recipe book and forget about them. On Monday, i had the urge to bake and spied Kath's baked oatmeal bars

Considering it's detox january and i'm starting to take lunches to work, i couldn't think of a more perfect thing to bake.

I already had most of the ingredients and got the rest when we did our healthy food shop

I used exactly the same recipe and quantities, i just used hazelnuts instead of walnuts! I do recommend buying your nuts already chopped though, unless, like me, you want to spend half an hour trying to chop them yourself whilst trying not to cut your fingers off....

It's pretty simple stuff, pre heat the oven to 175 degrees, mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet, combine the both, pour into dish and bake for 30 mins! 

Mine did look a bit 'liquidy' i thought but they did turn out alright, not crunchy but chewy and soft!

 Nothing more comforting than golden brown oaty goodness! I did grease the dish with low fat butter first as we were out or parchment paper. 

I left them to cool, then cut into 9 squares and tightly wrapped them in cling film ready for the freezer! The perfect, healthy, cheap to make snack for lunch boxes! What's not to love?

I will be honest, if i were when i make these again, i will leave out the salt and maybe add more sugar/fruit or some kind of flavouring, they were pretty salty and a bit 'blah' (to my tastebuds anyway..). Pretty good crumbled into low fat flavoured yogurt though ;)

What healthy snack do you tend to bake? Any more recipe i should try?

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