Monday, 23 January 2012

Weekend wrap up & exciting news!

Such a long time since i posted! This week has been a bit of a fail in terms of blogging and exercise. I kind of lost my way a little bit this week and have only really done 1 proper workout! I've just felt so tired this week and when i start a workout, i get so tired quickly and give up! But this week is a new week... Zumba tomorrow! I'm also getting a lot of inspiration from the tone it up girls! I LOVE them and their workouts and they look amazing! :)

On the other front, some good news is my hours at work are changing! On 6th Feb, no-one will be doing 9-8! It will hopefully be either 9-5 or 11-8! much better, i can get some exercise in either before or after work! The only thing is i will lose money because i'll lose about 20 hours a month! :( I guess i just have to deal with that...!

Some more exciting news is that we have decided we want to buy a house together! We started just looking it up and seeing what we had to do but we both got hooked and are now determined to hopefully have our house the end of this year/beginning of next! 

We've already started saving and we went to the company we are interested in yesterday just to find out more about it. We had a look at one of the houses and they're gorgeous! It's a 3 bed so it will set us up for when we want some babies! It's also back down in Somerset near all of our parents and friends! That would mean i'd have to get a new job but hopefully i'll find something good and not too far away! It's soo exciting! We just have a year of hard saving up now..!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent with each of our parents and we had 2 roast dinners, woops! I didn't do any exercise just chilled out all weekend and it was lovely! :) I also have next weekend off too, Saturday night we have a party to go too! I really wanted to buy a new dress but i think i'm going to save the money and wear something i already own! 

I'm sure i'll post a photo on Instagram, i'm hooked on it! Here's some photos i've shared lately...

My Instagram is @kerrymarie3 if you want to follow me!

Have you ever bought a house? What was your first house like? 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

What i've been loving this week!

Ohh what a long week! I've worked 42 hours this week which has killed me, those extra 2 hours really do matter! Working 9-9 is HARD. But it's done and i cant wait to have tuesday off! 

I've been working all weekend hence the lack of posts! We didn't do much but last night we had a surprise visit from 2 of our friends! As Warren has broken his foot they knew he hadn't been out much so came up to see us! We hadn't seen anyone since NYE!

I had planned to do a workout when i got home, but they had other plans! We ended up going to the  delicious indian restaurant up the road! I know it's not healthy but a girls got to treat herself! As the healthy eating goes, i have been super good apart from 1 cookie i had (and the indian..) which i think is good going! I've also been ok with my workouts too, i've realised if i try to do one everyday, its way too much for my lifestyle. I'm starting with 3 times a week which is doable and i'm varying it so i don't get bored. It seems to be working because i still feel motivated and enthusiastic about it and i really want to keep up with it and see my body change! 

Me and one of my friends from work are starting Zumba on Tuesday and we're so excited! I can't wait!
Anyway, onto what i was actually posting about!

What i'm loving this week!

1. My new nail colour.

What a gorgeeeeous colour!! LOVE! <3 
thats all i have to say.

2. Planning my 21st.

It's not until the 30th June but i'm determined to look my best. Along with my wedding, i've always dreamt of my 21st and i always wanted to be comfortable in my own skin, happy with my life and look how i've always wanted to look by the time i'm 21.
I'm very happy with my life atm! I do like my job, it pays well so we have less money worries now and we have our little flat together! <3 So just the body i need now...!

3. My new pj bottoms!
I saw these yesterday and thought they were soo cute! Very wintery and they're so soft and warm!

They were also in the sale at only £7! So thumbs up!! ( not loving my chubby cheeks though...!)

4. Fish tail braids.

Not the best photo but i quickly snapped this at work, i've been loving wearing my hair is a fish tail braid this week! I think it looks so pretty and elegant! But it does make me look young too!

What have you been loving this week?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Healthy oat snack bars!

I'm always buying some kind of oat bar to snack on and i hate myself for doing so for many reasons, mainly, 

1. they're not even that healthy when shop bought, they're loaded with sugar,
2. they're expensive to buy but i buy them anyway.

I always find recipes for some kind of oat bar, i print them off vowing to make them one day, but in reality i shove them in a recipe book and forget about them. On Monday, i had the urge to bake and spied Kath's baked oatmeal bars

Considering it's detox january and i'm starting to take lunches to work, i couldn't think of a more perfect thing to bake.

I already had most of the ingredients and got the rest when we did our healthy food shop

I used exactly the same recipe and quantities, i just used hazelnuts instead of walnuts! I do recommend buying your nuts already chopped though, unless, like me, you want to spend half an hour trying to chop them yourself whilst trying not to cut your fingers off....

It's pretty simple stuff, pre heat the oven to 175 degrees, mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet, combine the both, pour into dish and bake for 30 mins! 

Mine did look a bit 'liquidy' i thought but they did turn out alright, not crunchy but chewy and soft!

 Nothing more comforting than golden brown oaty goodness! I did grease the dish with low fat butter first as we were out or parchment paper. 

I left them to cool, then cut into 9 squares and tightly wrapped them in cling film ready for the freezer! The perfect, healthy, cheap to make snack for lunch boxes! What's not to love?

I will be honest, if i were when i make these again, i will leave out the salt and maybe add more sugar/fruit or some kind of flavouring, they were pretty salty and a bit 'blah' (to my tastebuds anyway..). Pretty good crumbled into low fat flavoured yogurt though ;)

What healthy snack do you tend to bake? Any more recipe i should try?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Healthy weekly shop!

I had today off as my last day of my long weekend! I've had such a nice relaxing weekend with the hubs! Today we had to get some food in and i was determined to get a big healthy shop and we are in detox january! I also really want to tone up over the next 6 months before my big 21ST! I want to look and feel great!

At work, i buy my lunch and snacks everyday and it's been costing me a bomb! It's also limited and not very healthy. I decided i'd rather put that money i'd normally spend, towards the food shop and i can take my lunch in. The only problem is, we have no fridge or microwave (or even a staff room but thats another story..) so i had to buy a lunchbox! PS. Sorry for the iphone pics, my friend still has my camera!

I decided on this one because it has separate compartments for snacks and a reusable ice pack to keep everything cold! Sorted!

We stocked up a lot on fruit & veg with peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, kiwi fruits, bananas, apples and grapes! Yummy! 

We also got meat so we can make meals from them, we got ham, gammon, lower fat bacon, lean meatballs and lean mince.

I then got some new-to-me things and perfect things to snack on!

I got some bags of carrots sticks, small tub of low fat hummus, some falafels and a super cute, apple, grape and cheese kit! All these are perfect snacks for a lunchbox! And super yummy! I also bought the ingredients to make Kaths Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars so i can freeze and take them to work! 

I'm also trying to reintroduce dairy to my diet, i had a yogurt the other day and it didn't affect my stomach too bad, so i thought id get some more! Low fat of course and yummy flavours!

We also bought a cooked garlic chicken which smelt so divine we couldn't wait to eat it! 

We made wraps for lunch with lettuce, beetroot salad and grapes!


I'm now enjoying a cup of green tea and watching Australian masterchef! I'm going to do a workout later and then chill out with my magazine before i'm back to work tomorrow! 

Some inspiration right there! Can't wait to read it!

Hope you had a good monday!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

the year 2011.!

We moved into our first flat together.

Went out for the first time in Bath with all Warren's friends.

Celebrated the royal wedding.

We threw a royal wedding themed party. 

Had our first holiday together, in Turkey.

Got our tattoos done together for the first time.

I left my job and decided to start my own beauty business.

Went to London for the first time to see Staci!

I opened my beauty room!

Attended the cider festival!

Took a second trip to London to fabric to see Miss Dynamite!

A third trip to London with friends for Staci's house warming party!

We went out on a random night by ourselves and had a great night!!

We went to pilton party and saw Plan B!

Took Karen out for her birthday!

 Celebrated Chris's 30th birthday at his fancy dress party!

I got my braces off!!

I closed my beauty room and went for a few interviews!

Went to watch Liverpool play for the first time!!

Went to liverpool for the weekend to meet Warren's family!

I started my new job!!!

Had our christmas meals.

Celebrated christmas!

Went to the boxing day races!

Celebrated new years eve and met Staci's boyfriend, Alastair!!

I hope this year will be even better!!

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