Monday, 2 January 2012

Broken foot and New years resolution plans!

So the Mr's foot is broken unfortunately! We have spent all day in the A & E department, bored and hungry. I am actually so hungry i am shaking right now so i will make it a quick one! 

We left for the hospital at 11 this morning and we got home about 10 minutes ago, 5:45pm! It was a bit of a nightmare getting there, we went to the nearest one to us but the A&E department didn't have a car park! We had to park about 5 miles away and then walk..not good with Warren's broken foot! 
So i decided to try one a bit further away which did have a car park (and free parking, bonus!) but there was a 3 hour wait! 
Then we were seen for x-rays and then another 3 hour wait! There was only a vending machine in there so we did share a packet of crisps but didn't fancy anything else from there! :(

They have put a temporary cast on it for the night and we have to go back tomorrow morning to see a 'real' doctor who will decide what to do with it long term.

Ideally, i wanted to start my New year's resolution of healthy eating and exercising today, but i haven't been able to go food shopping or get a workout in! I did however get some inspirational magazines to read and get my mindset right!

So i'm going to dive into these now, and some pizza (naughty) while the Mr keeps his foot elevated.. Lovely!

Good job there's some good TV on tonight!

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