Sunday, 15 January 2012

What i've been loving this week!

Ohh what a long week! I've worked 42 hours this week which has killed me, those extra 2 hours really do matter! Working 9-9 is HARD. But it's done and i cant wait to have tuesday off! 

I've been working all weekend hence the lack of posts! We didn't do much but last night we had a surprise visit from 2 of our friends! As Warren has broken his foot they knew he hadn't been out much so came up to see us! We hadn't seen anyone since NYE!

I had planned to do a workout when i got home, but they had other plans! We ended up going to the  delicious indian restaurant up the road! I know it's not healthy but a girls got to treat herself! As the healthy eating goes, i have been super good apart from 1 cookie i had (and the indian..) which i think is good going! I've also been ok with my workouts too, i've realised if i try to do one everyday, its way too much for my lifestyle. I'm starting with 3 times a week which is doable and i'm varying it so i don't get bored. It seems to be working because i still feel motivated and enthusiastic about it and i really want to keep up with it and see my body change! 

Me and one of my friends from work are starting Zumba on Tuesday and we're so excited! I can't wait!
Anyway, onto what i was actually posting about!

What i'm loving this week!

1. My new nail colour.

What a gorgeeeeous colour!! LOVE! <3 
thats all i have to say.

2. Planning my 21st.

It's not until the 30th June but i'm determined to look my best. Along with my wedding, i've always dreamt of my 21st and i always wanted to be comfortable in my own skin, happy with my life and look how i've always wanted to look by the time i'm 21.
I'm very happy with my life atm! I do like my job, it pays well so we have less money worries now and we have our little flat together! <3 So just the body i need now...!

3. My new pj bottoms!
I saw these yesterday and thought they were soo cute! Very wintery and they're so soft and warm!

They were also in the sale at only £7! So thumbs up!! ( not loving my chubby cheeks though...!)

4. Fish tail braids.

Not the best photo but i quickly snapped this at work, i've been loving wearing my hair is a fish tail braid this week! I think it looks so pretty and elegant! But it does make me look young too!

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. What I've been loving this week? Your pj bottoms and your fishtail braid, haha :P
    Btw, indian food and one cookie are not bad at all and probably don't even make a big difference. And I hope your Zumba-class went well. It's an awesome way to exercise ;)


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