Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Getting the exercise in!

I do struggle with working out when i don't have the time, i like to have a schedule and know exactly when i'm doing my workouts and do them regularly. Not too early and not too late if possible. So, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday when i work 9am (up at 6) until 8pm (home at 9/9:30), i have nooo chance of fitting anything in! 

Anyway, today i finished at 5pm so i did manage to get one in, wooo! I did the Week 1 workout of my 'Get back to flat' brochure in my Health & fitness magazine! It went a little something like this;

I did 3 sets of 20 reps of each move and the minute jogging between each move. The third round was hard and i missed out the last 20 reps of arms! For some reason, my arms are the worst to work, i'm so unfit my arms start shaking!

I used the amazing tabata timer courtesy of courtney blogging about it the other day, it was great!
Now i've jumped in and out the shower and i'm chilling on the sofa!

Until next time.....

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