Monday, 9 January 2012

Healthy weekly shop!

I had today off as my last day of my long weekend! I've had such a nice relaxing weekend with the hubs! Today we had to get some food in and i was determined to get a big healthy shop and we are in detox january! I also really want to tone up over the next 6 months before my big 21ST! I want to look and feel great!

At work, i buy my lunch and snacks everyday and it's been costing me a bomb! It's also limited and not very healthy. I decided i'd rather put that money i'd normally spend, towards the food shop and i can take my lunch in. The only problem is, we have no fridge or microwave (or even a staff room but thats another story..) so i had to buy a lunchbox! PS. Sorry for the iphone pics, my friend still has my camera!

I decided on this one because it has separate compartments for snacks and a reusable ice pack to keep everything cold! Sorted!

We stocked up a lot on fruit & veg with peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, kiwi fruits, bananas, apples and grapes! Yummy! 

We also got meat so we can make meals from them, we got ham, gammon, lower fat bacon, lean meatballs and lean mince.

I then got some new-to-me things and perfect things to snack on!

I got some bags of carrots sticks, small tub of low fat hummus, some falafels and a super cute, apple, grape and cheese kit! All these are perfect snacks for a lunchbox! And super yummy! I also bought the ingredients to make Kaths Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars so i can freeze and take them to work! 

I'm also trying to reintroduce dairy to my diet, i had a yogurt the other day and it didn't affect my stomach too bad, so i thought id get some more! Low fat of course and yummy flavours!

We also bought a cooked garlic chicken which smelt so divine we couldn't wait to eat it! 

We made wraps for lunch with lettuce, beetroot salad and grapes!


I'm now enjoying a cup of green tea and watching Australian masterchef! I'm going to do a workout later and then chill out with my magazine before i'm back to work tomorrow! 

Some inspiration right there! Can't wait to read it!

Hope you had a good monday!


  1. your shooping is near identical to mine this week even down the magazine! x im really enjoying your blog x

  2. so healhty - i love it!! i need to get back in the swing of making lunch!

  3. Nice job on the healthy grocery shop! I very rarely buy my lunch out. I like packing one at home filled with healthy things so I know I will stay on my healthy eating at work no matter what! It is also a heck of a lot cheaper too!


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