Thursday, 25 April 2013

SoBe V Water Review

Flavoured drinks are something i struggle with finding that A) are not loaded with sugar and way too sweet or B) loaded with aspartame that won't let your body burn fat. No-one wants that!

I am partial to a diet coke or pepsi when we are out, that is about the only thing i will drink, but sometimes i do want something a bit different from water or diet coke.

Whilst looking around Tesco yesterday, i came across the drink aisle and thought i would just have a look as i was really in the mood for something fruity. These SoBe V Water's immediately jumped out at me because of the '0 sugar'. I have seen these before but always assumed they would be full of aspartame so i never even bothered to look. Silly me!

Surprisingly,  there was no aspartame to be seen and only the natural sweetener Stevia, which is 'approved' by the tone it up girls as a suitable sweetener source, so i know it's fine to have! They remind me of 'Kombucha' that all the US health bloggers drink so this excited me!

They were also on offer so i grabbed two to try. There are 6 different flavours; Blackcurrant & Goji Berry, Elderflower and Pear, Ginger & Mango, Lemon & Lime, Pomegranate & Blueberry and Tropical Citrus. I picked up the Blackcurrant and Goji berry and the Ginger and Mango. Not flavours i had tried before but i'm known for liking odd combinations! 

The Blackcurrant & Goji berry tasted great, it wasn't too sweet because it only has the natural ingredients which i personally like and was the fruity hit i was after! The blackcurrant was the min flavour with a zing of the berry coming through. The Ginger & Mango was refreshing but i did find the ginger a little strong, personally, but i'm not sure if that's because i knew it was in there. I got Warren to try it without telling him the flavour and he loved it and couldn't even distinguish the ginger but he got the mango. I guess it is just personal taste! 

I am glad i found these and i know now that if i am after something a little different, these fit all my nutritional needs and taste yummy! I can imagine they taste even better with some ice on a hot summer day!  

Have you tried these? What flavour sounds good to you?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi everyone! So it's time for another What I Ate Wednesday! A couple of things look so unappetising but thats always the way with nice food! 

Breakfast was un pictured sorry! But it was the same as always 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon.

Mid morning snack was a green tea and yogurt bars. I know these are technically bad, but i have ran out of protein powder and these were on offer so i just picked these up.

For lunch, i quickly made a wrap with sausage and scrambled eggs. I added tomato ketchup too, it was reduced sugar and salt.

Afternoon snack was a decaf coffee and a chocolate! I have chocolate everyday :)

For dinner we had homemade slow cooker curried chicken with rice and mango salsa. I didn't eat all the rice and normal i chuck a tonne of vegetables in with the curry but yesterday i just forgot, silly baby brain! 

and that was it! I did a workout after my dinner and then went to bed :)

I always feel like this doesn't look much, but this is a standard day and obviously at the weekend i eat a bit more and have a naughty roast ;) so i guess it balances itself out!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Recipe!

Hi guys! So in my 'How i lost my baby weight' post, i forgot to mention that you also need to treat yourself, but not blow your whole diet out of the window, remember, you can't outrun a bad diet.

I 'treat' myself a lot, but it's all 'cheats treats'. Sometimes the things i eat taste so good i don't understand how it is 100% clean and good for me, but it is and that makes me happy. Like this ice cream recipe! 

Healthy Ice Cream Recipe:
One banana cut into chunks, frozen overnight, 
1tbsp natural no added sugar peanut butter,
1 tsp cinnamon,
1 square dark chocolate crumbled (optional)

1. Get frozen banana chunks out of the freezer and whizz in the blender.
2. Add peanut butter and cinnamon and whizz again.
3. Voila! Done! Top with chocolate if you like!

Feel free to add some agave nectar/honey/sweetener if you want it a little sweeter. You could also add other toppings such as nuts or a little more peanut butter. Also play around with the base mixture, add frozen strawberry or mango with the banana, or add nuts or raisins to the mix.

This is a great recipe when you're craving ice cream, and nothing is better than peanut butter and banana! :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How i lost my baby weight!

This has been a much requested post/video so here it finally is! Above you can see my 'weight journey' in terms of baby weight. The first thing i want to say is i don't weigh myself. I have no idea what i weighed in any of these pictures, but why does that number matter? I can SEE and FEEL the difference, that is what matters.

I didn't do 'no carbs', i didn't work out for hours on end and i didn't give up chocolate. 

So, how did i lose my baby weight? With hard work. 
I've had many people say to me 'you are so lucky you got your body back' and i always feel like reply with 'it's not luck, it's hard bloody work'.
I didn't just sit there whilst 'luck' cut away the fat, i sweated, i worked hard and i ate well.

How to lose weight;


1. Swap all white foods for wholemeal. 
This is bread, pasta, spaghetti, wraps, flour anything you can imagine. And in terms of bread, no don't swap for brown or granary, it needs to be wholemeal/wholewheat. They help fill you up for longer and release energy slowly. White processed foods burn off quickly leaving you hungry sooner and most of them are full of sugar making you crave sweet foods.

2. Get more protein/less carbs.
Now, i can't do no carbs, i die. I need carbs, i just make sure they are wholewheat. Breakfast is always carb heavy with toast, peanut butter & fruit. But as the day goes on, i try to eat less and less carbs. Sometimes if i'm feeling 'strong' or trying to get back on track i will have no carbs at dinner, but not all the time. I also try to swap my usual snacks for protein heavy snacks; greek yogurt, plain grilled chicken breast, cheese & fruit, protein shakes/bars.

3. Avoid sugar.
Sugar is the ENEMY! I see a lot of people (sometimes even me) eating all these 'low fat' snack bars. They may be low fat but they are FULL of processed sugars and guess what? Sugar is worse for your body than fat. It plays havoc with your sugar levels and causes weight gain. Try to go for things that are 7g or lower in sugar per serving.

4. Control your portions.
Portion control is key. This is how i am able to eat whatever i want and stay in shape. I eat chocoldate every day. I have what i want, i just keep my portion size low and have it in moderation.

5. Eat slower.
SAVOUR what you are eating. If i'm at home, i make sure i take the time to sit down and savour what i am eating. I don't grab something while i'm running upstairs and it's gone in 2 seconds. This goes hand in hand with portion control. You may think 'AH THAT IS THE TINIEST PORTION EVER IM STILL GOING TO BE STARVING' but, if you take smaller bites and really taste it, you will still be satisfied and full, listen to your body.


With your workouts, you need to push yourself whatever your level. You need to combine cardio and strength. No girls, you won't bulk up and look like the hulk if you use light weights, you will tone and you will sculpt your body.

You see the pre-pregnancy picture above? All i ate was low fat foods and i focused my workouts on cardio. Yes, i lost weight but i didn't change my body shape or tone up. Now the 18 weeks post pregnancy picture? I started doing blogilates and really trying to tone and sculpt my body, and it bloody works! I have more definition in my abs, legs and arms and my bum has lifted and got perkier POST pregnancy, with pilates/blogilates and cardio.

Here are some of my favourite workouts!






I get reading this may seem like you have to change a lot, but if you start off slow, it will become part of your lifestyle, which is when you will change forever and it is no longer work. I swapped from white foods to brown foods about 3 years ago, and now it doesn't even cross my mind that i am 'swapping', it's normal.

Take the diet tips and try one thing a week, so the first week swap to wholewheat carbs, the second week swap your snacks for protein and so on. Gradually doing it you are more likely to stick to it. 

The same thing goes to working out, i started off just walking before i was 6 weeks post partum, then i went back into intervals and strength training. And don't be fooled by quick workouts, that '10 min intense abs' above, i thought i would need more and so i did it twice. I could barely move for a week, i actually hurt my muscles it is so intense, i do not recommend doing that! If you do these properly, you will see change without hours and hours of work.

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That's all for this post, it is long enough already! If you have any specific questions please email or tweet me @kerrymarie

Thanks for reading, i hope this was helpful!

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