Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This weeks loves & loathes!!

Ahhh, it was nice to feel a hint of warmth in the air today! The bitter cold seems to have subsided and that makes me a happy girlie! I can smell summer air on it's way already...

Another thing that makes me happy is that my rota at work has changed, woo! I 'designed' it myself, is that the right word? Anyway, it's a bit better than before! I no longer have to work 9 days in a row or 3 long days in a row! I'll finish at 6 on the Saturdays i work and i get a Thursday off instead of doing 9-8. I'm so happy, atleast now i can hopefully have a bit of a life and i want to start baking more! I already have a few recipe up my sleeve!

While wandering the aisles of the supermarket, i was debating wether to buy agave nectar or maple syrup, when low and behold the boyfriend springs this in my face..

the best of both worlds! Best purchase of the year so far and it tastes AMAZING with bananas.. maybe a recipe to come? ;)

Another good purchase has been this baby..

I was sceptical as it doesn't have the nicest smell (it stinks to be honest!) but it makes a salad taste soo much better, more like a stir fry thanks to that sesame oil in there! Mmm and 100% vegan, beautiful!

Yesterday, i indulged in this glorious cupcake! Cupcakes, rolos, chocolate icing.. mm what more could a girl dream off?!


I haven't been loving this cold weather, we had a 'bit' of snow but that was enough for me! It does look pretty but when i have to get out of a nice warm be? Not so pretty, i assure you!

I've been loathing my nails lately, i know they look pretty but i've had the urge for 'project natural nails'. Acrylics are a lot of up keep and can be expensive (without the perks of my job..), it's also really damaging my natural nails underneath and if i carry on, i'll have no choice but have acrylics because my nails will be horrendous! 

PS. Happy Valentines Day!! :)

 What have you been loving and loathing this week?

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