Sunday, 26 February 2012

Healthy snack ideas!!

We're currently watching the football, it's a big day, the carling cup! We have the lads round and i put on some food & drink! Clearly not healthy pickings though, with 7 grown men. They want cider and nuts!

Our snacks on our coffee table!

We have our scarfs up and the boys are wearing their Liverpool shirts!

I'm joining in too ;) Loving my new top from mum, casual & comfy, perfect for Cider Sunday!!

Snacks are something i sometimes have lack of inspiration for and what trip me up when i'm busy or super hungry! That inspired this post to help all of us when it's not Cider Sunday and there's no excuse! Enjoy :)

Wholegrain crisps/tortilla chips and hummus! 

 Banana protein muffins with peanut butter.

A few squares of dark chocolate & a small handful of almonds! One of my favs :)

Piri piri fridge raiders.

 Dried mango!

Low sugar granola with extra fruit & seeds.

Cheese deli sticks!

Half a carton of yummy soup!

What snacks do you enjoy? Any recommendations?

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