Friday, 17 February 2012

Sweet & Sexy Valentines day workout!

So how did i celebrate Valentines day? With the tone it up workout, of course! I know, i know, i'm not really that sad but we hadn't planned to do anything anyway, we're crazy saving to buy our house so we'd already decided not to get each other anything. So it was just a normal night in for us! I workout, he watches football... I'm not too fussed, i don't rate valentines day much, buying our house is all the love i need from him :)

I'd been dying to do this workout for a while as

A) It's got some moves in i've never tried before,
B) It looked like a good combination of moves, working the legs, abs, obliques, back, arms and booty!
C) It looked a little bit fun with all the hearts going on..

Verdict? There's a reason i've never tried those moves before... they reaaaallyy buuuuuuurn! And that's not an exaggeration! But, it is a good combination of moves, you can feel it work (my shoulders are rock hard already) and i enjoyed it because it was different! 

I've noticed that is the key to me doing well with my exercise, take a look at my workout log, the weeks where i do 3/4 workouts, they are all different which keeps me excited and not dreading the same old workout! I have become obsessed with Tone It Ups videos, they are all so good but each one is different to mix it up for you and your muscles!

I highly recommend this workout! Let me know how you feel find it ;)

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