Friday, 24 February 2012

Scary situation!!

I just wanted to do an update for you and also just to get it out my system. 

Some of you may or may not know through twitter, but on Wednesday, the day after i got sacked, i was home in the afternoon, at around 2pm i decided to do a workout, like i normally do on any days off, i was half way through when i heard a loud bang on our front door. I never answer the door when i'm on my own and being halfway through my workout, i chose to ignore it.

A split second later, i heard voices and decided to look out our lounge window to see who was out there. I jumped back as there was a guy stood with his back to me leaning against the window. I could hear him swearing and at first i thought he was on the phone and just angry. 

My thought process was; He's on the phone, he got angry about something, he thinks no-one is in so he's kicked the door in frustration. If i leave him to calm down, he might just go away. 

I picked up my phone just incase, i was about to ring my boyfriend just to tell him what had happened, when i heard another massive bang on the front door, i open our door to the hallway so i could see the front door and screamed when i saw our front door was half way off it's hinges and 3 more guys were kicking it down. 

I screamed at them to get out and asked them what they were doing, but not so politely. I thought if they realised someone was home it would scare them away but they just kept kicking. I knew i had to run and luckily, i knew our back door was open, i ran as fast as i could to the back door, kicked the tumble dryer and rubbish out the way and flung the door open. By this point, i could hear they had got in and were coming through the house towards me.

Like in a scary movie, you would think it would never happen in real life, i slipped over when i got out the door and could hear them getting closer. 
I knew i just had to run, i ran around the side of house to the upstairs flats front door, i just had to hope the door was open and they were in. 
THANK GOD the door was open and my neighbour was in! She had heard me screaming and was half way down the stairs with her keys to lock the door so no one got in. As she locked her door she saw the guy run past the door and back out to the front, by the time we had got upstairs, they had got into their car and we just saw the back of the car speeding off.

I looked down at my phone because i could hear talking and somewhere along the way, i had dialled 999 and the lady on the other end of the phone was asking if i was ok. I was so shocked i couldn't speak i just had to hang up. She rang back and i managed to compose myself and tell her the whole story calmly.

I then rang my boyfriend who said he was on his way and the police arrived. They checked the property and the door was literally collapsed in half and i had to check nothing had been taken or moved etc. They hadn't taken anything which was weird and still puzzling us now. I almost feel they were after me. We had to go and make a statement and then the CSI turned up to do fingerprints, she was confident they got a good hand print, its just wether it was on file or not. We're still waiting to hear back from any officers. 

Needless to say, it was terrifying and the flat doesn't feel the same. We stayed there that night but we only managed about 3 hours of sleep because we were petrified. 

Since then we have been staying at my mums as i'm too scared to be at home on my own while Warren is at work. We are thinking about staying at the flat again tomorrow night because we have to do it one day or another. Long term we're trying to figure out what to do, wether to move back in with one of our parents for 6 months until we can afford to buy our house, or wether i should try and be brave and try and get back to normal in our flat. 

During this time i haven't managed to do a workout or eat too healthily either, but thats not my main priority at the moment, but i am craving some normality and routine!

I just wanted to explain my situation incase i don't blog much while we figure out what we're going to do!

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  1. oh my god!! you poor thing! im so happy your alright and unharmed. you must of been so scared!, i hope they get caught.Good thinkin of just thinking of just running out of the flat, eend of the day hava stuff the possessions that you have as your life is more important. just goes to show tho anything could happen any time any secound.

    aww feel so awful for you! *hug*



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