Thursday, 2 February 2012

Update from all angles!!

Ahhhh joys of the weekend a day off! 

If you're catching up, here's what you've missed!

On the beauty blog;

I booked today off work as holiday so i could have a chill out day before working all weekend! I've been working a lot lately and it's looong hours! I feel i never have time to do anything and i work weekends too! Needless to say January was pretty quiet for us and i can't believe it's over already! 
Where does time go?! 

So i had a great lie in this morning! Got up and i'm STILL lazing around in my pjs! I'm just catching up on all the programmes i record while i'm at work and don't get to see them. The programmes i've been loving are;

The only way is essex.

The biggest loser.

Masterchef australia.

and One Born Every Minute.

Oh geeze, i'm so broody lately it's actually crazy! The pain doesn't even scare me, i just can't WAIT until we're blessed with a baby! Hopefully a couple of years and we'll be ready :) Exciting!

I supposed i better try and do some housework later! And i want to try and get a workout in later, I've been good this week in terms of workouts even though i haven't really had any energy!
 I've still been eating healthy too, although last night i did have a night off and didn't do a workout, we also had a date night at the infamous Nandos! Yummy!! We're addicted to chicken :)

Whilst lazing around i've been browsing some blogs and came across some amazing ones! My favourite one was 'A charmed life'. Her passion for fitness really excited me and gave me some motivation to do a hard workout today!! Also, i think her wedding dress is AMAZINGly perfect and i definitely want one like that ;) just need to work on that body! 

As for valentines day, we both have the day off but Warren has the hospital about his foot to see if he can start driving again! So we have to go their and probably won't celebrate much, maybe we might have lunch out? We'll see! 

What are your valentines plans? What TV programmes have you been loving?

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