Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My first 10K & life after the break in!!

So i've always wanted to get into running, i've tried many times, road running and on a treadmill and i just can't love it.
Yesterday, whilst in my boyfriend car, one of his colleagues rang and said he'd signed up to do a 10k race in May. I suddenly got a buzz of adrenaline thinking about it (probably from a whole week of not working out) and before i knew it, we both had signed up too. 

Today thinking about it, i'm actually nervous. I don't think i'll be able to do it but i want to prove i can. I can do this!

I found this training plan and we're starting tonight.

We only have 9 weeks, so i suggested we just skip week 1, however, Warren thinks he can start on week 3, so we'll see about that tonight...

I can currently jog for 30 seconds and i hate it. See my optimism? ;)

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Wk 1

Walk 30mins
Walk 30mins
Walk 30mins
Wk 2
Walk 5mins/ jog 1min  repeat 5 times
Total – 30mins
Walk 5mins/ jog 2min  repeat 5 times
Total – 35mins
Walk 5mins/ jog 3min  repeat 4 times
Total – 32mins
Wk 3
Walk 3mins/ jog 4min  repeat 4 times
Total – 28mins
Walk 3mins/ jog 6min  repeat 3 times
Total – 27mins
Walk 3mins/ jog 8min  repeat 3 times
Total – 33mins
Wk 4
Walk 1min/ jog 10min  repeat 3 times
Total – 33mins
Walk 1min/ jog 12min  repeat 3 times
Total – 39mins
Walk 1min/ jog 14min repeat  3 times
Total – 45mins
Wk 5
Jog 20min
Jog 25min
Jog 20min, walk 1min, jog 20min – Total 41mins
Wk 6
Jog 25min
Jog 30min
Jog 40min

Wk 7

Jog 30min
Jog 30min
Jog 50min
Wk 8

Jog 30min
Jog 30min
Jog 60min
Wk 9

Jog 30min
Jog 30min
Jog 70min
Wk 10
Jog 20min
Jog 20min
10k race  -  ENJOY!

I am pretty excited to get a workout in, because of the break in, i haven't done anything properly since Feb 20th! 8 days ago!! 

You see, i prefer to workout when i'm home alone, but i haven't felt safe home alone. 

Today is the first day i have been here since it happened last week and i have lasted all day, which i cannot believe! Last night, i was terrified at the thought of it, i was crying and didn't think i could get through an hour on my own, but here i am having managed nearly 8 hours and it feels amazing! I still haven't felt safe enough to have a shower or do a workout, though, i'm also terrified of the kettle because it's so loud, i'm worried i won't be able to hear any noises if someone tries to get in. I've just been sat on the sofa, keeping my eye on the outside world and whoever comes near my flat. A few times i've been absolutely petrified and near driven to my mums, i've been really anxious and constantly shaking too, but it's a start though, a good start.

This quote is definitely my new favourite and i have even toyed with the idea of getting it tattooed on me. Until you are put in a life threatening experience, you don't know how strong you actually are to get out of it, deal with it and get over it.

To help me cope we have installed a door alarm on our lounge door leading to the hall way/front door and are going to get more on the front and back door. When we get a front door back. It is still currently just boarded up which isn't the best, either.

We also decided just to rearrange the whole living room and make it seem more 'homely'. It weird, but after break in, it doesn't seem like your house or personal space anymore, it feels empty.

We got 2 big leather sofas (which we needed anyway), a nice new rug and had a clear out. We got a bulb for our lamp so it works and i bought a nice smelling candle to burn at night to make it smell lovely. It's made such a difference, it just feels a nice room to be in and so homely! I'm SO grateful to finally not feel that petrified to be in my own home, it's the worst feeling imaginable. 

At least i have something to focus on now, running my first 10k!

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