Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bikini body!!

It's getting to that point where the weather is getting warmer, (i didnt even need to wear a cardigan today) and everyone starts to stress out about their bodies! We all want to look good and be comfortable in summer to be able to enjoy it, so this is where we!!

My boyfriend has also agreed he wants to start losing weight since we decided to run the 10k. We did our first session of training on Tuesday and it felt so good! I actually didn't hate jogging as much as i usually do! Maybe its because we have a goal?

We're going to record all our measurements and stick to our workout plan which will look something like this;

Mondays; Cardio - 10k training/jog & abs.
Tuesdays; Upper body.
Wednesdays; Cardio - 10k training/jog & abs.
Thursdays; Lower body. 
Fridays; 10k training/jog & abs.
Saturdays; Easy walk (2-3 miles) or Rest day.
Sundays; Rest day.

Of course, it may well change but we're going to try and stick it out. This week has been hard because of our run tuesday, neither of us are used to it so our muscles hurt aloooot! We were meant to run today but did a 3 mile walk and upper body instead. We are hoping to run tomorrow and sunday to make up for it!

At the moment i'm super excited, especially as Warren is on board too i feel like i can coach him and he'll be a good case study for me!

No cardigan on our walk, summer is near!

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