Monday, 11 February 2013

Liverpool weekend!

On Friday, we packed up and went off to Liverpool, Sienna's first time going & meeting some of Warren's family! It takes agggges to get there so we made sure we had some stops in the service station to feed Sienna and let her have a stretch etc! 

Service stations are so bad for naughty food and as much as i told myself i was going to try and keep it healthy, that just didn't happen. Well, it was a weekend away after all :) I got my magazine to help me get back on track when we're home and make me feel a little better about it, haha!
 When we were about 25 miles from the hotel, we go stuck in traffic on the slip road. There had been an accident but luckily we had missed most of it and were only waiting for about 20 minutes! I managed to feed Sienna before we got moving again!

It was so nice to arrive at the hotel! We didn't get there until the evening so we chucked our stuff in the room, met up with Warren's cousins & Dad & Step mum and went to bed! We had some playtime with Sienna on the bed before we went down to the bar, again so she can stretch! 

Sienna had a travel cot in the room and i was a bit worried if she would sleep well, but she was so good! She slept from about 11-6 which was good!


We got up and got ready & met for breakfast which was yummy! Again we had a little photoshoot! haha! I also had time to curl my hair which was so nice, i miss my conical wand!

We then went to Warren's Nan's and she met Sienna for the first time, it was so cute! 

We all loaded into the cars (there was about 10 of us and 3 babies!) and went shopping in Widnes. I got some bargainssss it was lovely, i hardly ever go shopping these days! I will post about them on my beauty blog soon! We then took Warren's Nan home, headed back to the hotel and chilled for a few hours and then went down to the restaurant for dinner. 

We had some fun time and took lots of photos, mummy & daddy had silly face time, haha!

We then had another early night and got Sienna to sleep, again she was so good and didn't wake until 6:30! We were going out for Sunday lunch for Warren's Nan's 80th birthday so i wanted to dress up a bit, i wore my new skirt i got from the Widnes market, i LOOOVE it! I loved this outfit :)

While we were waiting in the car for everyone to be ready and loaded up into the cars, We got Sienna out her seat to have a little drive ;)

She is just the cutest! 

We got the the pub, it was cute and cosy and we all gave Nan her presents and Sienna had cuddles with everyone.

We headed straight home after the meal because they had given severe weather warnings so we got ready for the long journey ahead with a million stops! ;)

We didn't have dessert so when we stopped on the way home we grabbed a coffee and some cakes to finish our weekend off! Yummy! Carrot cake is our favourite  & will be our wedding cake ;)

We got home about 8:30pm and i was straight back to work.. washing, cleaning etc! A women's work i never done! 

We had such a lovely weekend, i'm just so sad it goes so quickly! Warren still has today and tomorrow off though so he had taken Sienna out this morning and i have a few hours to myself, i have a face mask on blogging and going to do a workout without stopped every 2 minutes to see to Sienna! Not that i mind of course, but it takes twice as long. 

Now it's back to healthy eating & working out, i have missed it! 

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