Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fitness Friday!

..or Saturday! Sorry, i have been so busy i haven't had chance to get this up!

I feel like this week has been hectic and i'm just a bit run down, so i haven't done much exercise and i've had a few bad meals, but not whole days. I've also struggled to drink much water as i've been reaching for coffee more because i'm cold and tired! But tomorrow i'm going to recuperate and hopefully next week will be better!

Here are what my workouts looked like this past week;


REST, woohoo!


40 minute jog, TIU Malibooty workout x3 total,  TIU slim arms for summer 


 TIU Jump your heart out, this 8 min ab workoutjillian michaels 6 week 6 pack abs level 1 (only 18 mins; first round)


I got my most attractive coat out ;) and did a nice 4.6 km walk @ 10:03 min/km


SLOW 35 min/2.39 jog @ only 14.39 min/km, 90 deadlifts with 5kg, 30 spiderman ab moves 100 bicycle crunches(50 each side), drive by inner thighs.



Today has also been a rest day, whoops! But i just feel so exhausted. Tomorrow i am actually going to do nothing all day but i might do a little workout in the evening depending how i feel! But i can't have  3 rest days in a row!

So that's my workouts this week, the jogs/walks would normally be HIIT which is why i feel i didn't do enough. Although i do love going for a nice long jog early in the morning to clear my mind!

What was your favourite workout this week?

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