Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Another What I Ate Wednesday! Nothing very exciting and it all looks a bit unappetising but you know what it's like 2 ays before payday! Rations! Haha!

For breakfast i attempted a cottage cheese pancake, it turned out ok actually but we didn't have a blender so i just had to mix it! It also fell apart, whoops! Of course i had my coffee too!

We didn't get up until 10ish so i had a late breakfast, therefore i didn't have a morning snack. For lunch i had leftover chicken & prawn curry and a baked sweet potato, i added some greek yogurt on the top because it was spiiiiiiiicy!

After lunch, i had to take Sienna to the doctors and we walked, it take around 30 min to walk their, then we had to wait etc so by the time we got back, it was nearly dinner time, therefore no time for a snack again! I did have a little pick me up coffee though, naughty! 

Dinner was a good old bowl of comfort, sausage pasta with a little cheese.

Afterwards i had a Highlights hazelnut hot chocolate while Warren's mum was here.

 As a pre-bed snack i had a cheese string and some strawberries, i really notice when i don't eat snacks, before bed i am starvinnnnng!

And that's all! Normally i would eat more snacks than this but like i said, i have been too busy to snack! :) I'll see you Friday for Fitness Friday where i will share what workouts i have done this week! 

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