Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2 week progress pictures!

This is a bit overdue as i am on the start of week 4 now but thought i would do my progress pictures from week 4. Seeing my body changing is great motivation to keep going and makes me know it's all worth it. 

So this is after 2 weeks of eating healthy/clean and working out 4 times a week. I can see a small difference but i can see the areas i want to work are my arms and stomach. I'd like smaller thighs too but they are always big no matter what i do, they just tone up.

On 1st Feb i started #FEELFABFEB (see previous post) and i am LOVING it! It's a lot more intense, i am working out 6 days a week for the whole of February and do cardio & a lot of the same body group on one day. I am on day 5 and i can already see results and more definition in my abs after only 2 'abs and core' sessions in those 4 days and 1 rest day! 

Saturday i swapped with my Sunday rest day as we were so busy! We also went out Saturday night & Sienna stayed with Grandma, we had a good night but didn't get home until 3am as Warren did the DJing so we had to stay until the end and then pack everything up. Sienna then decided to wake at 6am and 9:30am so i was exhausted Sunday, but still did my workout even though it was haarrrdddddd!!  

Yesterday was a hard workout, It was my 2nd abs and core workout & i definately felt them burning! (actually felt they were ripping!) felt SOO good! Although some of the moves i found impossible, i did what i could. 

This weekend we are in Liverpool, Sienna is meeting some of Warren's family for the first time which is so exciting! I always love going to Liverpool. I had planned to get up early on Saturday and do a workout in the hotel room, but realistically i don't think that will happen. So i plan to add 15 minutes extra cardio onto my workouts for the next 4 days to make up for that 1 hour of cardio. Phew!

Today is my first 'Butt & Legs' workout and i know it's going to hurt, my thighs always burrrrn! Not really looking forward to the 'My thighs are dying' workout!! ;)

Right now me and Sienna are just having playtime on the sofa.

 I'm just going to chill and watch some youtube videos and then trying to get a workout in if Sienna takes a nap! If she doesn't i will wait until tonight when Warren is at football training & hopefully Sienna is in bed! There's nothing else on the agenda today except chores! Need to get Sienna's new cot bedding on, it is soo cute!

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