Thursday, 31 January 2013

Chobani Favoured Yogurts!

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We all know greek yogurt is good for you and i always used to have a battle in my mind. I would buy it knowing it's higher in protein, lower in sugar than regular low fat yogurts, but i would never enjoy it. I always found it too sour even when i added fruit, so it would just sit in the fridge going off. Waste of money and nutrition.

When i saw Chobani on the shelves at Tesco, i got over excited. For as long as i have read food/fitness blogs, all the US ladies rave about Chobani and i was always disappointed we didn't have anything similar in the UK. I snapped up 3 flavours to try; Black Cherry, Strawberry and Pomegranate. 

My favourite was by far the Pomegranate. When i first peeled off the lid, i was a bit disappointed not to see some pretty pink yogurt staring back at me. A bit sad i know, but it's the little things! 
I dug in and soon realised all the flavour is at the bottom. I gave it a good old stir and soon had the shade of pink i wanted. The flavour was great, the perfect amount of sweet and not a hint of sour. 

I have enjoyed these as part of my breakfast and they also make an amazing post-workout, protein-rich snack. I am so excited that Tesco seem to be stocking more and more brands i have longed from the US! Now if only they could stock liquid egg whites.. ;)

Have you tried these? Any healthy US brands you wish were over here?

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  1. Liquid egg whites?! Now that's a great idea.

    So glad to hear you enjoyed our Fat Free CHO. Just let us know if we can help you or any of your readers out with flavours you haven't tried!

    Cheers, Christine


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