Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring & Sweat HIIT workout

Well it's been forever and a day since i posted on here, i have just been SO busy and to be honest i haven't been working out regularly, i haven't for about 2 weeks, naughty! Time is limited and sleep is precious. Sienna has started waking more in the night because she is hungry, i think she is getting ready for solids, milk doesn't seem to be enough anymore!

Today i got a workout in and it was a good one so i thought i'd quickly share it! I took template of Gina's Hot Mess HIIT but changed it up a bit like a circuit. I tried to includes the moves i hate the most to really push myself; high knees, burpees & mountain climbers.

HIITs are so good to burn the calories in a short amount of time, i was a sweaty mess after this! It feels good to be getting back into it again and making my own workouts is a great way to not get bored and look forward to it, so expect more workouts from me! I also really push myself when i know it's only 20 minutes and i get some recovery time, result!

That's it for today! Let me know if you try this workout and how it was ;)

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