Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Prep!

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Weekly prep is crucial i think when trying to eat healthy. Especially now i'm a new mum, time is limited and energy is lacking so it's all too easy to give up and grab something unhealthy on the run or when feeling a little stressed. If it's already done in front of you, you have no excuses. 

Sunday is normally my prep day as we don't really do much and Warren can take care of Sienna whilst i quickly rustle some things up!

For lunches, i just boiled up a big batch of wholewheat pasta and split half with tuna, sweetcorn & extra light mayo and half with chicken and Morrisons NuMe range tomato pasta sauce.
Put them into Tupperware or recycled take out pots and keep in the fridge. 
These are mainly for Warren's lunch as he is a sales rep and in his car all day, it's tempting to go through the drive through of McDonalds or KFC! He just takes one with him every morning!

Next, i made some snacks. We both have a sweet tooth and snack time is our biggest downfall. We always want biscuits or something with coffee or tea during the day and need dessert!

I made a batch of my blueberry muffins and some quinoa breakfast bar. That recipe is to come!

As another amazing snack i hard boiled some eggs. We are really trying to eat more eggs and they are so great for you, lots of protein and really filling! Warren takes one as a snack with some carrots sticks and they can also be cut up and added into meals just to add a bit more nutrients and protein!

Prepping food like this for the week is not only healthier but it's also much much cheaper! Things like eggs, oats and bananas and relatively cheap and the base to most of my recipes/eats!

Do you weekly prep? What things do you like to make? 

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  1. I'm looking forward to trying the quinoa bars! They look super tasty! :-) can't wait for the recipe!


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