Monday, 5 March 2012

Chocolate covered strawberries and red velvet cupcakes!!

This weekend we took a road trip to London to stay with Warren's sister, Staci. She is currently at Uni up there so we go to visit every couple of months.  This time, Karen came with us (Warren & Staci's mum) so it was more of a sight seeing experience rather than drinking and dancing like normal. 

We traveled up Saturday morning after a nice early workout at 6am, don't laugh, but we did another training session for the 10k and managed to jog a whole mile! The drive up seemed longer to me than normal and i was restless after our run, i amused myself with taking some photos as we got into London city centre.

 Love this!!

As you can tell the weather wasn't that great! When we arrived we quickly met with everyone then made our way to the pub, Liverpool were playing Arsenal so we couldn't miss it! After a disappointing match, we ordered some food in the pub after finding a table, i was unaware we would be waiting 16 hours  50 minutes for our lunch, and so i just ordered a hunters chicken bloomer with a side salad, while everyone else ordered big proper pub grub! When it arrived i was starving and it didn't even touch the sides! I did nab some of Staci's chips but i was a little upset! Me & Hungry = hormonal mess! 

After lunch, Staci wanted to show us some of Greenwich so we went for a marathon walk! On the way we satisfied our sweet tooths with a visit to the ice cream van! I got a lemonade ice lolly and it was so refreshing after walking, delicious!  The early morning run, 5 blisters and major DOMS did not call for a very happy couple walking around Greenwich park! We tried our best not to moan but we were both in a lot of pain, the walk was worth it though, look at the view! 

After our exercise, we needed to refuel in the shape of some drinks! We visited the micro brewery for some drinks. 

Me and Staci both got the raspberry beer and i loved it! I've never drank alcohol so fast ;)

Warren got the London lager which he also really enjoyed! 

For dinner, we decided to go to 'Fistik' which Staci described as a posh kebab shop! It was lovely in there and the food was so good too! For starter i had king prawns in a garlic and chilli sauce.

That sauce was soo good, with warm bread to dip, the perfect starter!

For my main, i had what i had been craving since lunch, good old burger and chips! I got a side of sauteed spinach with chilli too which was very nice! After the meal, we headed to another pub just for a few drinks before heading home to bed after an exhausting day! 

Yesterday, we all had a lie in to recover and then after bacon and eggs, we got ready to head to Greenwich market!  I love markets and we certainly don't go enough! We also don't take enough photos when we're out but i'll try more i promise! The market was amazing and everything there was so unique. They had everything from food to clothes to baked goodies! 

We did pick up a few things, i got some coasters which i absolutely fell in love with, aren't they beautiful?!

Aswell as keep calm and carry on, Live, Love, Laugh is kind of my 'life motto' so i had to get these! They're made with 6 layers of wax so even if you spill coffee or red wine on them, it just wipes off!

We also got a few presents, one for Warren's Dad's Birthday which is soon and one for my mum, for mothers day.

After the market, we headed to another (!!!) pub to get some lunch. We all had roast dinners which is nothing to exciting, but me and Warren decided to get starters. We ordered the whitebait, we both thought the fish would be in batter/breadcrumbs and it came with paprika mayonnaise and salad, it sounds lovely right? 

To my suprise, i turned around and saw these staring at me..!

I jumped a litte bit and my heart was in my mouth. I do like fish but i was not expecting their eyes to be staring at me! I ate about half of them, they were nice but very fishy and i just had enough of a pile of fish heads on the side of my plate! (i refused to eat their brain & eyes!)

I immediately wanted a sweet ending to my roast dinner, so we headed back to the market because i had spied some chocolate covered strawberries i wanted to get! 

Dark, Milk and White belgian chocolate drizzled over juicy sweet strawberries.. need i say more? I was in HEAVEN!! 

We also picked up a red velvet cupcake for the journey home.

We had a great weekend, but so glad to be back! The london pace of life is definitely not for us country bumpkins! But lovely for a weekend away :)

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  1. I would not have been able to eat the fish. You are brave! Now, the chocolate covered strawberries and that cupcake are another story! Yum!


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