Thursday, 25 April 2013

SoBe V Water Review

Flavoured drinks are something i struggle with finding that A) are not loaded with sugar and way too sweet or B) loaded with aspartame that won't let your body burn fat. No-one wants that!

I am partial to a diet coke or pepsi when we are out, that is about the only thing i will drink, but sometimes i do want something a bit different from water or diet coke.

Whilst looking around Tesco yesterday, i came across the drink aisle and thought i would just have a look as i was really in the mood for something fruity. These SoBe V Water's immediately jumped out at me because of the '0 sugar'. I have seen these before but always assumed they would be full of aspartame so i never even bothered to look. Silly me!

Surprisingly,  there was no aspartame to be seen and only the natural sweetener Stevia, which is 'approved' by the tone it up girls as a suitable sweetener source, so i know it's fine to have! They remind me of 'Kombucha' that all the US health bloggers drink so this excited me!

They were also on offer so i grabbed two to try. There are 6 different flavours; Blackcurrant & Goji Berry, Elderflower and Pear, Ginger & Mango, Lemon & Lime, Pomegranate & Blueberry and Tropical Citrus. I picked up the Blackcurrant and Goji berry and the Ginger and Mango. Not flavours i had tried before but i'm known for liking odd combinations! 

The Blackcurrant & Goji berry tasted great, it wasn't too sweet because it only has the natural ingredients which i personally like and was the fruity hit i was after! The blackcurrant was the min flavour with a zing of the berry coming through. The Ginger & Mango was refreshing but i did find the ginger a little strong, personally, but i'm not sure if that's because i knew it was in there. I got Warren to try it without telling him the flavour and he loved it and couldn't even distinguish the ginger but he got the mango. I guess it is just personal taste! 

I am glad i found these and i know now that if i am after something a little different, these fit all my nutritional needs and taste yummy! I can imagine they taste even better with some ice on a hot summer day!  

Have you tried these? What flavour sounds good to you?

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