Monday, 20 May 2013

USN Pure Protein Individual Packs!

Just a quick post today but i wanted to share these individual packs of protein powder i found in Tesco! 

They are the USN Pure Protein and i am so glad i found them! They are in such a handy individual portion so if its towards the end of the month, you run out of protein powder and can't afford to pay £30,£40,£50+ on a whole tub of powder, a few of these will tide you over! It probably isn't as cheap in the long run but if you're desperate i think they're the perfect solution!  

They are also BIG portions (56g) so i usually get 2 or more portions out of one sachet, especially when i only need 1/2 scoop for a certain recipe! Bargain! I have actually just been buying these as i don't use them everyday, just occasionally and mainly for recipes.

These taste great, i got the Strawberry which I'm not usually a fan of but its all they had left, boo :( They are low in sugar and carbs and high in protein which is just what i look for. They don't taste too artificial either which is why i liked the strawberry more than i thought. I mixed it with unsweetened almond milk for a post workout milkshake and it was so good! Not overly sweet.

Have you tried these? Whats your favourite protein powder?

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